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Stay Updated With Real-Time Order Syncing

Automatically pull in orders from all your sales channels as they happen, ensuring you’re always up-to-date and ready to fulfil.

Shipments Ready as Orders Sync

As soon as orders sync, shipments are auto-created. We assign the best carriers and validate address, ensuring a smooth delivery journey.

Automated Rules for Effective Shipping

Define your criteria for carrier assignment once, and let our system handle the rest. Enjoy consistent, efficient, and cost-effective shipping every time.

Instantly Generate and Go with Auto Labels

Every order automatically gets its shipping label, streamlining your packing process and getting products out the door faster.

Auto-Upload and Real-Time Monitoring

Experience hassle-free tracking uploads and real-time monitoring, ensuring every shipments’s journey is transparent and under control.


What Our Customers Say

Ross Elliot

Managing Director - Snowgum

“Eiz Technology has been an outstanding partner, automating our carrier selection and freight pricing systems through a live API setup, enabling us to implement cutting-edge solutions like streamlined shipping and carrier integrations, and smart automations.”