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Elevate customer experience with real-time tracking. Bridge sale to delivery seamlessly.

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Stay a Step Ahead With Live Tracking

Never be in the dark about your shipments. Our system offers real-time updates, ensuring you and your customers are always informed about the current location and status of each package.

Keep Your Customer in the Loop

Boost transparency and trust. With timely Email or SMS notifications, your customers are always updated about their shipment’s journey, enhancing their overall experience.

Never Miss a Beat With Undelivered Alerts

Stay proactive with our undelivered shipment monitor. By keeping an eye on items that haven’t reached their destination, you can take swift actions, ensuring customer satisfaction and reduced compliments.

Branded Tracking for a Cohesive Experience

Offer your customers a seamless tracking experience with a touch of your brand’s identity. Our branded tracking page not only informs but also resonates with your company’s ethos, enhancing professionalism and brand loyalty.


What Our Customers Say

Ross Elliot

Managing Director - Snowgum

“Eiz Technology has been an outstanding partner, automating our carrier selection and freight pricing systems through a live API setup, enabling us to implement cutting-edge solutions like streamlined shipping and carrier integrations, and smart automations.”